Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seam 1.2 is released

It's nice to see Seam gaining more speed (especially since the JBoss Seam team has been increased). Because of the number of changes it was decided to skip the 1.1.7 release and make it 1.2 which I think is a wise decision (considering the big 'jump' in 1.1.5). More and more Seam tries gets one of the best frameworks out there closer and closer together making it look like one framework more and more with every release. Many RoR followers (and .Net actually as well) think that the enormous variety in java client-server frameworks becomes a disadvantage... well.. Seam eliminates a lot of reasons to think so - It already makes jsf/ajax4jsf/facelets look like one framework with the help of seam-gen (it's enough to have a look at the tutorial to see that). The major improvements I think are spring, ajax4jsf integration and security (full release notes can be found here). Even though the security was brought in 1.x I still think it's a major step forward. And things like (Gavin©):

entityManager.createQuery("select u from User u where{}").getResultList();

make the coding much more pleasant especially to those who did similar things in RoR.

And I would love to see the following things from my wish list implemented in some (near) future:

  • rails-like database data migrations (but less redundant)

  • rails-like test possibilities (I would love to be able to assert html as result of actions as well)

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