Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Maven 2 and WebSphere - automated build and deployment of J2EE applications

After long search on different solutions on automated building and deployment of J2EE applications with maven that can work for WebSphere few posts were found. Some of them (big thanks to Peter Pilgrim) cover ways to build EJB modules that could be 'understood' by websphere (that is build websphere specific stubs and skeletons). Some posts show how to configure maven (including maven-eclipse-plugin) so that maven could work with RAD-6 and vice versa.
All we have to do is put it all together, automate deployment of EAR (remember cargo plugin doesn't support websphere yet) to websphere and hook functional tests (using selenium) into the integration test phase.
So the project consists of an ejb, war, ear, functional testing and a parent modules, like this:


Looks like a complete set? Let's go through all the modules.