Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hudson Mood widget for Android

I've launched a simple Android widget which gives a simple way of monitoring builds on continuous integration server called Hudson. The main purpose of this application is to provide a simple way to monitor builds.

It takes up little space on the home screen (only one widget cell) of Android and gives a clear indication of whether builds on Hudson are stable, unstable or they are failing.

If all the builds are stable the Hudson widget is highlighted with green and Mr. Hudson is happy.
If any of the builds has become unstable the widget is highlighted with yellow and Mr. Hudson doesn't look as enthusiastic.
If there are any failing builds on the monitored page the widget gets highlighted with red and Mr. Hudson looks very upset.
And in case the build status could not be read (e.g. the server is down, authentication failed or no build information was found at the provided address) Mr. Hudson is hidden behind big question mark:

The setup screen is pretty simple at the moment (I expect to add more features in the future).

It is also possible to test the build status from the settings screen to verify whether the build status is readable in which case the state of the build will be provided next to the 'Test URL' button, otherwise 'unknown' status will be displayed (default).

At the moment widget supports monitoring only builds aggregated on the main page (either on the default 'All' view or a custom view), although, it is possible to monitor individual builds by putting them in a custom view.

To install Hudson Mood widget search for 'Hudson Mood' in the Android Market on your Android.

Update: eventual updates will be published on the Hudson Wiki !


Jean-Christophe said...


i am giving a personal interest to your application "Hudson Monitor". As it is free, i was wondering if i could have an access to, at least, a part of the source code (i don't know what license you have) ? Thanks for your response !

Have a nice day

Jean-Christophe said...

Hum. I wanted to say "Hudson Mood", not "Hudson Monitor". I use to confuse them.

Siarhei Dudzin said...

The app is not open source (at least not yet)

Jean-Christophe said...

Thx, i didn't know that

Siarhei Dudzin said...

But if you have questions I might try to answer them :)

Jean-Christophe said...

Yes, i've got one !

Do you deal with authentication on a private Hudson ? If you do, then did you get some trouble when deploying it on a phone ?

I've coded some methos to authenticate with POST method, but it get my phone crashed. Have you got any idea of where it can come from ?

Siarhei Dudzin said...

I had troubles with using URLConection with https so I switched to HTTP client. I am doing preemptive authentication with the HTTP client - worked with the first attempt.

giuliano said...

Just for Android 2.x ??

Siarhei Dudzin said...

@giuliano no, the min required version is Android 1.6