Saturday, July 23, 2011

Geo-location based content (Intro)

The deeper we go into the mobile age the more location based services surround us. Content management systems also have to keep up. In the end - location based-content always follows the location based services.
Being open source enthusiast I am using Hippo CMS for one of my hobby projects where I need to have the ability to tag content with GPS coordinates so that I could use, for example Google Maps, to show how the content is related to a certain place.

While it's certainly easy to assign a couple of meta-data fields to an article it is far from easy to find the desired coordinates and then manually enter add to the content considering you may have thousands of articles! The problem  is  was that those are exactly the requirements I needed! Coming from this an idea for an interactive CMS plugin that would make the editors' live easier was born!

First things first - I was looking for something that might already exist. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that was operational.
Eventually - after several evenings of coding and troubleshooting -  the initial version of the Hippo CMS Google Maps plug-in was ready and hosted on github.

In the next blog post I will show how to use the plugin on website (where the content is published) and on the CMS front-end (as content developer and author).

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